Awesome Games on the Apple App Store for Children and Families

Below is a list of games available on the Apple App Store for children and families. I have personally played each of these over the years and can personally recommend them as great games based each on their own merits. These games were also popular among my friends and family.

For ease I have divided them up two categories ‘Single Player’ and ‘Multiplayer’. To the best of my knowledge all of the games listed as ‘Multiplayer’ are also able to be played by an individual when versing an A.I or Computer. In most cases this does not impact the enjoy-ability of the game.  In addition, of the 16 games listed, 9 are free- many offering in app purchases.

Single Player Games

Disco Zoo – NibleBit LLC
Price: Free
This game had me hooked for months! An incredibly simple concept, play matching card games to win animals or throw a disco party at the zoo for extra cash!

Smash Hit – Mediocre AB
Price: Free
Again one of my absolute favorites. The objective is simple, hit glass objects by tapping where you want the ball to go. Fun, addictive but fast and challenging at higher levels.

Nimble Quest – NibleBit LLC
Price: Free
An awesome take on the old snake type classic. Collect diamonds while attacking monsters along the way. The best bit – little upgradable people instead of a snake! Tons of fun!

Kairosoft Games – Kairosoft Co. Ltd
Price: Ranges from Free to $7.50 per title
Kairosoft has a ton of games and they’re all equally fun so it’s hard to pick just one. A favourite time pass in my house. Very simple pocket style games. 30 + Titles to choose from.

Soda Dungeon – Armor Games Inc
Price: Free
A great game with a simple design but still a great time pass. Build a team of bandits or magicians, take them into the dungeon and kill the bad guys!

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 – Frontier Development
Price: $4.49
A fun and highly addictive tycoon game which will keep you entertained for hours! Design your own roller coasters and rides, build themed areas for guests and run a theme park.

Need For Speed – Electronic Arts
Price: Free
Need For Speed is the best racing game on iPad, no lag issues, decent handling and great maps. Tilt to steer or touch if you prefer. A bonus, the App Store has two editions to pick from!

Zen Pinball – ZEN Studios Ltd
Price: Free, Packs $1-2 each
While this game is better on the PlayStation if you don’t have that this Pinball game is really neat with downloadable packs from the likes of Star Wars, South Park and Marvel.

Crazy Taxi – SEGA
Price: $7.49
One of my favorites when I’m bored. Drive around in a taxi picking up passengers and drop them off before time runs out! A more modern take on an old classic.

Tetris FREE – Electronic Arts
Price: Free
Aah, good old Tetris. A modern take on the classic game. Highly addictive and fun as always! Really easy to play and a good way to pass the time.


Multiplayer Available (or Single Player vs Computer)

Pocket Tanks – Bitwise Productions LLC
Price: $7.49, packs cost extra.
Another great classic game in 2-D that you can play with a friend or against an AI. In app weapon purchases make it even more fun, especially the fireworks pack which explodes on impact!

Battle for Wesnoth – Lin Dai
Price: $5.99
Note: This game may be aimed at slightly older children due to its strategy based complexity
An awesome two player game that requires a bit of strategy. By far one of my most favorite games to play with friends. Kind of like command and conquer but turn based and way more fun!

Catan HD – USM
Price: $7.49
By far one of my most favorite board games on iPad for the last two years and a definite must. Trade resources with other players or the bank to build houses, roads and cities.

Ticket to Ride – Day’s of Wonder
Price: $9.99
Based on a board game by the same name, an awesome game which can sometimes require a bit of strategy. Play locally, against an AI or online with real life opponents.

Bloons TD5 – Ninja Kiwi
Price: $4.49
An awesome game made even more fun with local multiplayer, great daily challenges and free unlock-able content. A variety of different maps to choose from. All round a lot of fun!

Injustice; The Gods Among Us – Warner Brothers
Price: Free, in app purchases
Superheroes go head to head in a 3 v 3 battle. An enormous amount of characters to pick from including Superman, Batman, Bane, Green Lantern & more.

I hope you get the chance to check out at least some of these game and I’d also really love to know what some of your favorite games are so let me know in the comments below. Enjoy and have a great holiday!

– The Rambler, 2016


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