News Of The Week; July 4 – 10

A recap on the stories that shaped this weeks headlines, sparked controversy and caught the attention of millions on the web. Also, a special word of remembrance for the five officers who lost their lives during the Dallas shootings this week and the family affected by this and other senseless tragedies of recent times.

5 Officers dead after Micah Johnson opens fire in Dallas shootings.micah-johnson-10

11 police officers were shot in Dallas earlier this week, 5 fatally, after lone gun man Micah Johnson opened fire after a Black Lives Matter protest. During the midst of the tension, a robot was brought in to defuse the situation after two hours of negotiations failed.
A full account of this story can be found on our website along with a commemoration for those who lost their lives.

20 Year old police informant found dead

By far the most popular news story this week among Reddit followers was the case of Andrew Sadek, a 20 year old university student from North Dakota who was found dead in May 2014 after acting as a drug informant for local police. Sadek was offered a deal by a sheriff to escape a potential 40 year prison sentence after being arrested 6 months for peddling marijuana at his campus and was later found to be carrying a small amount of marijuana in his possession. Following his undercover mission to buy drugs and turn the sellers into police, Sadek turned up dead with a bullet through his head and rocks in his backpack. Two years later Sadek’s family is left still searching for answers and have since filed a wrongful death suit against the police chief in charge of the undercover operation.

Chilcot report shows unsatisfactory and deceit in the handling of Iraq WarJohn-Chilcot-the-Chairman-of-the-Iraq-Inquiry

Following the damming release of the Chilcot report, Sir John Chilcot is shedding new light onto Britain’s involvement in the Iraq war during the events of 2003. Chilcot stopped short of calling Tony Blair’s decision to invade Iraq illegal but has gone on to confirm that the situation was handled in a far from satisfactory way and hints that Blair was deceitful in his actions leading up to the public announcement to invade Iraq.

Clinton’s use of emails were‘Careless but not illegal’

Hillary Clinton fans were overjoyed this week after FBI decided to overturn criminal charges faced by the presidential candidate. The eagerly anticipated verdict came weeks after a lengthy investigation over the use of state sectary emails on an insecure computer, compromising the states safety at an already precious time. The FBI condemned Clinton’s actions were careless they were not illegal.

Glasgow Shopkeeper murdered for disrespecting Prophet Muhammad

A Glasgow shopkeeper was murdered in his convenience store earlier this week after claiming to be a prophet. Tanveer Ahmad took exception to the man stabbing him over claims that the store owner had disrespected the Prophet Muhammad. Ahmad has since pleaded guilty and awaits sentencing.

Super Bug found near Rio’s Sailing venue ahead of the Olympic Games next month

Concerns are continuing to mount over the safety of those visiting and competing in the Rio Olympics next month after a form of drug resistant super bug has been detected in the water of two of Rio de Janeiro’s most popular beaches bordering Guanabara Bay- the Olympic sailing venue! Potential health hazards caused by the bug include meningitis, pulmonary gastrointestinal UTIs & bloodstream infections.

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 6 year prison sentence for death of Reeva Steenkamp

On Valentines Day, 2013 former Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius murder his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the bathroom of their South African apartment. Three years on Pistorius has finally been charged with her murder and handed a reduced 6 year murder sentence causing outrage around the world, some labeling the judge’s decision as a disservice towards women.

“Welcome to Jupiter”


540 million miles away Juno has finally arrived at its destination, Jupiter. Launched by NASA 5 years ago, the spacecraft is only the second spacecraft to ever orbit the planet and will spend the next 20 months studying Jupiter’s composition and evolution.

Trump praises Saddam Hussein’s ability to control terrorism.

Not immune to political controversy Donald Trump found himself being ridiculed again earlier this week after commenting that ‘Although Saddam Hussein was a very bad man, he did do one thing right. He knew how to kill terrorists.’ While his comments are debatably  true, it has done nothing in favor to sway voters in his direction.

Over 70% of young people voted to stay in the EU raising questions over elderly voters 
EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols

Following the referendum in Britain to leave the European Union, tension between youth and the elderly has continued to rise after it was reported that

over 70% of youth voted to stay in the EU. The proposal of a second referendum to reverse the decision has since been rejected sparking comments from some that the elderly should be stripped of the right to vote on long impacting decisions they will not be around to see.

Pokemon Go player discovers dead body in river.

With the eagerly awaited release of the Pokemon Go app earlier this week it seems that keen Pokemon trainers will stop at nothing to catch em all! In search of a water Pokemon, a 19 year old Wyoming teenager stumbled across a dead body floating in a river near her home, police are currently investigating. Elsewhere police in Darwin, Australia have had to ask fans not to enter the police station in search of Pokemon or risk being issued with trespassing.

Hold off on the Celebrations!

Timekeepers have announced that a ‘leap second’ will be added to end of 2016 meaning that at midnight on New Years Eve you will have to wait another 60 seconds before being able to celebrate ushering in of the New Year!






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